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Travel Grants & Other Funding

Conference Grants

The Department strongly encourages students to attend professional conferences.

Department of Statistics Conference Travel Grant
The Department of Statistics also contributes up to $400 to students’ travel during their entire student career at Northwestern. To apply for a department grant students must submit a Department Conference Travel Grant Application to the DGS at least 30 days prior to the first date of travel.

Students typically apply for both a Department Travel Grant and a TGS Conference Travel Grant.

The Department Assistant will assist you with the reimbursement process.


TGS Conference Travel Grant
A student who is attending or presenting their research work in a conference may apply for a TGS travel grant. Students are eligible for a maximum of two grants up to $600 per trip. Students must apply at least 14 days prior to their first date of travel. See the TGS Conference Travel Grant (CTG) page for more information and the application.

The Department Assistant will assist you with the reimbursement process. 

Other funding resources and information

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