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Masters Option for PhD Students

Ad Hoc Master of Science in Applied Statistics Non-Terminal Degree Program for Northwestern PhD Students

Students admitted to Northwestern PhD programs can obtain an optional Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics degree en route to their PhD. This Ad Hoc combined degree MS program in applied statistics is primarily intended for doctoral students in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or the School of Education and Social Policy that wish to establish qualifications in statistics and quantitative research methodology. This 9 course MS degree program is intended to be pursued as students complete the requirements of their PhD programs.  Ordinarily the courses used for this MS degree will not count towards the number of courses required for the PhD.  Students may complete the MS degree prior to or at the same time as the PhD.  Students are expected to submit their application for the MS in Statistics program prior to or shortly after starting courses in the Statistics Department. No more than two STAT classes should be taken prior to submitting the application.

Please note this Ad Hoc combined degree MS program is only available to Northwestern graduate students enrolled in a PhD program.

Read more about the Ad Hoc combined degree MS program requirements

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