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Ethics Elective

Ethics Elective Recommended (pre-approved) Courses

Below is a list of courses pre-approved by the Department of Statistics and Data Science that satisfy the Data Science major’s ethics elective requirement. If a student or department would like to submit a course for consideration for addition to this list, please contact the Director of Data Science with the course name, description, and a copy of the syllabus.

Last updated: October 12, 2021

AF_AM_ST 215-0 Introduction to Black Social & Political Life
AF_AM_ST 220-0 Civil Rights and Black Liberation
AF_AM_ST 319-0 Race, Ethnicity and the American Constitution
COMP_LIT 207-0 Introduction to Critical Theory
ENTREP 360-0 Leadership, Ethics, and You
GBL_HLTH 302-0 Global Bioethics
GBL_HLTH 324-0 Volunteerism and the Ethics of Help
GNDR_ST 233-0 Gender, Politics, and Philosophy
HUM 220-0 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society
HUM 325-5 Humanities in the Digital Age
IMC 310-0 Integrated Marketing and Communication Law, Policy and Ethics
IMC 311 Data Governance: Critical Issues in Digital Marketing Communications
ISEN 230-0 Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions
JOUR 303-0 Framed: Media and the Marginalized
JOUR 370-0 Media Law & Ethics
LATINO 342-0 Latina and Latino Social Movements
LATINO 392-0 Topics in Latina and Latino Social and Political Issues
LING 222-0 Language, Politics, and Identity
PERF_ST 306-0 Performance and Race
PHIL 220-0 Introduction to Critical Theory
PHIL 221-0 Gender, Politics, & Philosophy
PHIL 224 Philosophy, Race and Racism
PHIL 240-0 Freedom and Responsibility
PHIL 262 Ethical Problems and Public Issues
PHIL 268 Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 269 Bioethics
PHIL 269-0 Bioethics
PHIL 270 Climate Change: Economic and Ethical Dimensions
PHIL 270-0 Climate Change and Sustainability: Economic and Ethical Dimensions
PHIL 273-2 The Brady Scholars Program: The Moral Life
PHIL 273-2 The Moral Life (note: part of a sequence)
PHIL 273-3 The Brady Scholars Program: The Good Society
PHIL 273-3 The Good Society (note: part of a sequence)
PHIL 363-0 Kant's Moral Theory
PHIL 364-0 Business and Professional Ethics
POLI_SCI 302-0 Subjects, Citizens, Revolutionaries: Early Modern Political Thought
POLI_SCI 303-0 Modernity and Its Discontents
POLI_SCI 304-0 Human Rights Between East and West
POLI_SCI 307-0 Deportation Law and Politic
POLI_SCI 309-0 Political Theories of the Rule of Law
POLI_SCI 347-0 Ethics in International Relations
POLI_SCI 382-0 Politics of Religious Diversity
RELIGION 373 Religion and Bioethics
SESP 303-0 Designing for Social Change
SLAVIC 222-0 Language, Politics, & Identity
SLAVIC 260 Economics and Humanities: Understanding Choice
SOCIOL 220-0 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society
SOCIOL 321 Numbers, Identity and Modernity
SOCIOL/HUM 220 Health, Biomedicine, Culture and Society

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