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Ad Hoc MS Approved Courses

Department of Statistics Courses

STAT 320-1* Statistical Theory and Methods 1 - Required
STAT 320-2* Statistical Theory and Methods 2 - Required

*Students with advanced mathematics may replace STAT 302-1 and STAT 320-2 with STAT 420-1 and STAT 420-2 with department approval. 

STAT 320-3 Statistical Theory and Methods 3

STAT 301-1 Data Science 1
STAT 301-2 Data Science 2
STAT 301-3 Data Science 3
STAT 302 Data Visualization
(STAT 325 Survey Sampling - may not be offered after 2020-21)
STAT 328-0 Causal Inference
STAT 344 Statistical Computing
STAT 348 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT 350 Regression Analysis
STAT 351 Design and Analysis of Social Experiments
STAT 352 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 353 Advanced Regression
STAT 355 Analysis of Qualitative Data
STAT 356 Hierarchical Linear Models
STAT 359 Topics in Statistics
STAT 365 Introduction to Financial Statistics
STAT 420-1 Intr to Statistical Theory & Methodology 1
STAT 420-2 Stat Theory/Meth 2
STAT 420-3 Intr to Statistical Theory & Methodology 3
STAT 425 Sampling Theory and Applications
STAT 439 Meta-Analysis
STAT 448 Multivariate Statistical Methods
STAT 451 Design & Analysis of Social Experiments
STAT 435-0 Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning
STAT 455 Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis
STAT 456 Generalized Linear Models
STAT 457 Applied Bayesian Inference
STAT 461 Advanced Topics in Statistics
STAT 465 Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Please note: at this time STAT 320-3 does not count toward the MS degree as it has not yet been approved for graduate credit.

Approved Courses in Other Departments

ECON 380 I, II Introduction to Mathematical Economics
ECON 381 I, II Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 401 Mathematical Methods of Economic Theory
ECON 480 I, II, III Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 481 I, II, III Econometrics
ECON 483 Applied Econometrics: Cross Sectional Methods

Epidemiology and Biostatistics
EPI BIO 501 Advanced Epidemiology
EPI BIO 502 Advanced Biostatistics

Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
IEMS 351 Optimization Methods for Data Science
IEMS 460-1 Stochastic Processes 1
IEMS 460-2 Stochastic Processes 2
IEMS 463 Statistical Analysis of Designed Experiments

MATH 450-1 Probability 1
MATH 450-2 Probability 2

Political Science
POLI SCI 406 Econometrics
POLI SCI 407 Experimental Political Science

PSYCH 405 Psychometric Theory

SOCIOL 404 Designs for Descriptive Causal Research in Field Settings
SOCIOL 402 Event History Analysis
SOCIOL 476 Statistical Methods for Hierarchical and Panel Data

Students can request approval for a course not in the list above from the Department of Statistics Master of Science Program Director. Please be prepared to provide a syllabus and/or detailed course description for any course not listed above that you wish to submit to the Director for consideration. If the Director approves the course, it can be added to your plan of study.

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