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Ad Hoc MS Program Details


Students accepted into the Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics degree program will be expected to take a total of 9 courses in a program to be approved by the Ad Hoc MS program director and complete a culminating activity project using statistics. Two courses, STAT 320-1* and STAT 320-2*, will ordinarily be required of all students to provide a foundation in statistical theory.  The balance of the program will include 7 other courses selected with the advice and approval of the program director, at least four of which must be taught in the department of statistics.  The program may be completed entirely from courses taught in the statistics department, but may include up to 3 courses from departments other than statistics with the approval of the program director. Please note: ordinarily the 9 courses used for this MS degree will not count towards the number of courses required for the PhD.

*Students with advanced mathematics may replace STAT 302-1 and STAT 320-2 with STAT 420-1 and STAT 420-2 with department approval. 

Samples of Additional Courses:


STAT 301-1 Data Science 1
STAT 344 Statistical Computing
STAT 350 Regression Analysis
STAT 353 Advanced Regression
STAT 352 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 454 Time Series Analysis
STAT 315 Causal Inference
STAT 356 Hierarchical Linear Models
STAT 351 Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 439 Meta-Analysis

ECON 380 I, II Introduction to Mathematical Economics
ECON 381 I, II Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 401 Mathematical Methods of Economic Theory

Epidemiology and Biostatistics
EPI BIO 501 Advanced Epidemiology
EPI BIO 502 Advanced Biostatistics

Political Science
POLI SCI 406 Econometrics
POLI SCI 407 Experimental Political Science

PSYCH 405 Psychometric Theory

SOCIOL 404 Designs for Descriptive Causal Research in Field Settings
SOCIOL 476 Statistical Methods for Hierarchical and Panel Data

Full List of Courses:

 A full list of courses approved for the Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics can be found here

Culminating Experience Project

All Ad Hoc MS candidates are required to complete a culminating experience project using statistics as part of their degree completion. This project is typically work that will be included in the student’s PhD thesis but can also be a stand-alone project. See Culminating Experience Project for more information.

Students will be expected to submit a plan of study outlining the courses they anticipate taking to complete the Ad Hoc MS program and briefly outline ideas for a culminating experience project as part of the application process.

Completing the MS in Applied Statistics Degree

All MS candidates are required to meet the TGS degree requirements and complete a Culminating Experience Project using statistics as part of their Ad Hoc MS degree completion. The MS is awarded simultaneously with the PhD. Students may apply for completion of the MS degree in Applied Statistics when all of their PhD degree requirements have been completed. See Completing the Ad Hoc MS Degree for more information.

Withdrawing from the MS program

Students accepted into the Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics program must formally withdraw from the program if they decide not to complete the MS. The form and instructions for withdrawing from the program are found here.


General questions about the program can be directed to the Statistics department administrator, Kisa Kowal, at

Please contact the Department of Statistics Ad Hoc Master of Science in Applied Statistics Program Director, Professor Elizabeth Tipton at with advising questions or to schedule an advising appointment.

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