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Major in Data Science

Beginning in Fall 2022

Data Science is a newly emerged program of study for integrated methods used to deal with complex and massive data encountered in every field nowadays. Data science concerns principles and methods applied in a broad array of activities spanning data collection, storage, integration, analysis, inference, reasoning, reporting and ethics. The breadth of these activities defines the interdisciplinary nature of data science programs, which typically entails statistics and computer science in the core curriculum, while embracing other domain sciences.


What is the difference between the minor in Data Science and the major in Data Science?

The minor in Data Science was created to provide training in data science to students with an emphasis on data analytics and visualization complementary to their major focus.

The major in Data Science is designed to train more specialized data scientists through a more rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that integrates mathematics, statistics, computer science and other domain science courses. Data Science major graduates will possess strong understanding and skills in data management and integration, data structures and algorithms, data analytics and machine learning methods, data visualization and reporting, as well as the solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, and computer science necessary in preparation for graduate study in data science or related fields.


When can I declare the major in Data Science?

The Department of Statistics will begin offering a major in Data Science in Fall 2022. Student will not be able to declare the major until that time. More information will be posted here in the coming months regarding the declaration and advising process, however, since wanting to declare the major in Fall 2022 will likely impact some student’s course plans this academic year, we are posting this preliminary information about the upcoming major and its requirements.

We are asking that all students interested in exploring the possibility of doing the Data Science major complete the Data Science Major Interest Survey.

Data Science Major Interest Survey

This survey will help the department better understand backgrounds of interested students and future course and advising needs. The survey will also allow you to submit questions that you have about the major. As updates are available, we will contact all the students who have completed the survey to let them know and provide next steps.


Requirements for the Major in Data Science

The major in Data Science will require 8 related courses and 11 major courses. Please note that some required major courses will not be available until 2022-23, however, there are identified replacement courses available for several of the foundational and core major courses. View the requirements


Please continue to check back as information is subject to change as more information is available.

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