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Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics Research

Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics Culminating Projects


"“Analyzing data from a speech in noise transcription task: A multi-level model approach”
Adrianna Bassard (PhD Psychology, 2023)

Selections from Dissertation
Miruna Barnoschi (PhD Political Science, 2023)

"Implicit learning as a universal learning mechanism, not a stable cognitive trait"
Yuan Catherine Han (PhD Psychology, 2023)

"Framing and Support for Foreign Aid Among Chinese Nationals During COVID-19"
Zhihang Ruan (PhD Political Science, 2023)

“Verb Metaphoric Extension Under Semantic Strain”
Daniel King (PhD Psychology, 2023)

“New Methodology for Unbiased Ground-Motion Intensity Conversion Equations”
Molly Gallahue (PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2023)

“Recursive binary partitioning and the random forest: Tree-based machine learning methods in R”
Andrew Hall (PhD Psychology, 2023)

“Have we seen the largest earthquakes in eastern North America?”
James Neely (PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2022)

“Sex Ratios and The Causal Effect of the Fracking Boom on Crime: Natural Experimental Findings from North Dakota” 
Andrew Owen (PhD Sociology, 2022)

“Using Structural Topic Model to Analyze COVID-related Anti-Asian Hate Speech before and during the Pandemic”
Lantian Li (PhD Sociology, 2022)

“A Boundary of White Inclusion: How Religion Shapes Ethnoracial Assignment”
Amanda Sahar d'Urso (PhD Political Science, 2022)

“An Anthology of Missingness: Simulated Missing Data, Multivariate Tilt, and Environmental Exposures in Late Adulthood – Chapters 1 & 2”
Elizabeth Dworak (PhD Psychology, 2022)

“Statistical analysis for predicting location-specific data center PUE and its improvement potential”
Nuoa Lei (PhD Mechanical Engineering, McCormick, 2022)

“Statistical Inference for Segregation Indices”
Antonio Nanni (PhD Sociology, 2022)

“Grassroots Couriers and Informal Employment”
Yixue Shao (PhD Political Science, 2020)

“Correcting mislabeled occupancy status in taxi trajectories using input-output hidden Markov model”
Kenan Zhang (PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2021)

“Using a Compound Poisson Mixture Regression to Model Joint Distribution of Transaction Amount and Frequency with an Application to Non-Profit Fundraising”
Jingyuan Bao (PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2021)

“Emotional Pathways to the Biological Embodiment of Racial Discrimination Experiences”
Emily Hittner (PhD Human Development & Soc. Policy, 2021)

“When there is a Conflict Between Religion and Science, Religious Fundamentalism Matters More”
John Lee (PhD Sociology, 2021)

“Network Analysis of the Websites of Women-in-Computing Science Groups”
Jue Wu (PhD Learning Sciences, 2021)

“Democracy, Social Citizenship Paradigms, Economic Capacity and the Welfare State in Latin America, 1980 – 2013”
Kory Johnson (PhD Sociology, 2021)

“Switching Behavior in Service Systems: An Empirical Study”
Koushiki Sarkar (PhD Operations, Kellogg School of Management, 2021) 

“Development and Validation of a Gaming Knowledge Quiz in Gender-Diverse Subjects”
Kyle Nolla (PhD Psychology, 2021) 

“Biased Average Position Estimates in Line and Bar Graphs: Underestimation, Overestimation, and Perceptual Pull”
Cindy (Ya Yang) Xiong (PhD Psychology, 2021)

“Bayesian regression and LSTM for stock price prediction”
Yam Huo Ow (PhD Operations, Kellogg School of Management, 2021)

 “The 1952 Kern County, California earthquake: A case study of issues in the analysis of historical intensity data for estimation of source parameters”
Leah Salditch (PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2021)

Primary statistician who designed and conducted all cultural consensus modeling and follow-up analyses for a collaborative research project with Timothy Michaels, Michael Crawford, Jonathan Kanter, who focus on microaggressions and diversity training
Natalie Gallagher (PhD Psychology, 2021)

 “An Integrative Framework to Measure Essentially Contested Concepts”
Laura García-Montoya (PhD Political Science, 2020)

“Mapping the Client’s Political Terrain: How Client CEO-Board Power Dynamics Shape Compensation Consultant Strategies”
Shelby Gai (PhD Management & Organizations, Kellogg, 2020)

“Mixed-variable and Constrained Bayesian Optimization for Concurrent Material and Geometry Design of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures”
Tianyu Huang (PhD Mechanical Engineering, McCormick, 2020)

“Using the Mapping of Predicted to Actual Outcomes to Detect Treatment Effect Heterogeneity”
Richard Peck (PhD Economics, 2020)

“A Reproducible, Automated Classification Method for Single Cell RNA-seq Data with Feature Filtering Based on Information Content”
Ziyou Ren (PhD Driskill Graduate Program in Life Science, 2020)

“On Using Local Ancestry to Characterize the Genetic Architecture of Human Phenotypes: Genetic Regulation of Gene Expression in Multiethnic or Admixed Populations as a Model”
Yizhen Zhong (PhD Feinberg School of Medicine, 2020)