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Working Groups

Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences

Adviser: Larry Hedges

Points of Contact: Sarah Peko-Spicer, Jake Schauer

About: The Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences working group meets biweekly to learn about methodological advances with applications in social and public policy. Areas of active research include replication, adaptive interventions, and single-case designs. 

Upcoming meetings dates and topics:

All meetings are 11:00am-12:00pm in 2006 Sheridan Rd, room B02


Bayesian Statistics & Machine Learning

Points of Contact: Tsz Kit (Tim) Lau

About: The Bayesian Statistics & Machine Learning working group meets weekly to learn about the essence of Bayesian statistics and machine learning (particularly, Bayesian machine learning). We study both its theory and practice to address the need of modern statistical machine learning. Refer to the webpage ( of the working group for details.  

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