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PhD Graduate Student Research

PhD Thesis Titles

Optimization, Sampling and Their Interplay: Theory and Applications to Statistics and Machine Learning
Tim Tsz-Kit Lau

Event Study Analysis - Methods for Estimating the Effects of Events on Financial Securities
Thomas Ippolito

Risk Prediction with Longitudinal Gene Expression Data Using Statistical and Machine Learning Method
Joanna (Jiahui) Lyu

Reliably Accelerated Literature Screening in Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis and Other Evidence Synthesis Methods
Zhipeng Hou

The Impact of Entity Resolution on Observed Social Network Structure
Abby Smith

Spatial and Temporal Methods to Analyze the Malaria Burden using Routine Health Facility Case Data in Burkina Faso
Sebastian Rodriguez, 2022

Sequential change-point detection for time series
Yajun Liu, 2022

Experimental Design for the Study of Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Education Research
Sarah Peko-Spicer, 2021

Statistical Methods for Policy-Relevant Questions in Health and Criminology
Mena Whalen, 2021

Methods for Synthesizing and Translating Statistical Evidence in Education
Katie Fitzgerald, 2021

Topics in Meta-analysis with Few Studies
Rrita Zejnullahi, 2021

Ensembling and Data Selection for Neural Language Models, and Analysis of F-measure
Wei Ju, 2021

Comparative analysis of feature selection and classification methods for epigenetic methylation data
Aaron Kleyn, 2021

Topics in Classification with Deep Learning
Yiming Xu, 2020

Prediction of CRISPR-Cas9 Cleavage Efficiency Through Markov Feature Engineering and Boosting-Based Transfer Learning
Oscar Zarate, 2020

Methods for Multi-Objective Genetic Clustering of Time-Evolving Data
Austin Alleman, 2020

Topics in Statistical Modeling for Unstructured Text Data with Application to Commonsense Inference
Yiben Yang, 2020

Several New Advances for Gaussian Process Models
Yang Yu, 2020

Topics in Microbiome Data Analysis: Normalization and Differential Abundance Test and Large-Scale Human Microbe-Disease Association Prediction
Yuanjing Ma, 2020

Applications of Statistical Language Models in Complex Network Community Detection and Definition Modeling
Ruimin Zhu, 2019

Embedding a Randomized Experiment Within a Regression Discontinuity Design: A Meta-Analytic Approach
Mindy Hong, 2019

Subgroup Identification in Longitudinal Studies 
Yishu Wei, 2019

Spatial Statistics Analysis with Artificial Neural Network
Wenqian Wang, 2019 

Estimating Network Metrics via Random Walk Sampling
Minhui Zheng, 2019

Variable Selection for High Dimensional Compositional Data with Application in Metagenomics
Pan Wang, 2018

Statistical Methods for Assessing Replication: A Meta-analytic Framework
Jacob Schauer, 2018

Normalization of RNA Degradation in RNA-SEQ Data
Bin Xiong, 2018

Inference in Heterogeneous Network
Yuan Li, 2018

Variable Screening and Inference Problems for High Dimensional Data
Jingsi Zhang, 2018

Topics of Variable Selection in Biomedical Data Mining 
Grace Yoon, 2017

Design and Analysis of Trials for Developing Adaptive Treatment Strategies in Complex Clustered Settings
Rachel Ktsanes, 2017

Small Dispersion Asymptotics in Stratified Models
Xuan Mei, 2017

Extensions to the Generalizability of Experiments in the Social Sciences
Wendy Chan, 2016

Yi Gao, 2016

Volatility Estimation for Integer-valued Financial Time Series
Xiaofei Hu, 2016

Topics on Official Statistics and Statistical Policy
Zachary Seeskin, 2016

An Alternative Method for Teacher Evaluation When Using Student Test Score Data
Arend M. Kuyper, 2015

Statistical Modeling for High Dimensional Structured Data with Application to Neuroimaging
Fengqing (Zoe) Zhang, 2015

Learning Sparse Bayesian Network with Mixed Variables and its Application to Cancer Systems Biology
Qingyang Zhang, 2015

On Likelihood-free Bayesian Inference, Model Selection and Risk Minimization for Increasing Dimensional Data
Cheng Li, 2014

On Asymptotic Distributions and Confidence Intervals for LIFT Measures in Data Mining
Yu Zhao, 2014 

Modeling Read Distributions In High-throughput Sequencing Datasets
Kenneth McCallum, 2013

Operationally Comparable Effect Sizes for Meta-Analysis of Single-Case Research*
James Pustejovsky, 2013
*His thesis won the American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Quantitative Dissertation Award for 2013.

Topics in Gatekeeping and Group Sequential Procedures for Multiple Endpoints
Dong Xi, 2013

Bayesian Variable Selection for High-Dimensional Clustering
Juanjuan Li, 2012

Convergence rates and model selection for mixture of experts
Eduardo Fonseca Mendes, 2012

Univariate ARMA-AGARCH & Multivariate ARMA-GARCH Modeling
Huanhuan Wang, 2012

Methods for Generalizing from Experiments
Elizabeth (Beth) Tipton, 2011

Adaptive Group Sequential Procedures for Multiple Endpoints with Gatekeeping Restrictions
Yi Wu, December 2011

Prediction of Binary Response Variable in Panel Data
LiLi Yao, 2011

Bayesian Analysis in Partially Identified Parametric and Nonparametric Models
Yuan Liao, 2010

Power and Sample Size Determination for Dose Finding and Multiple Endpoints
Kunyang Shi, 2010

Topics in Multiple Comparisons: Weighted Hochberg and Gatekeeping Procedures
Lingyun Liu, 2009

Utilizing external information about the covariance structure in experiments with clustering
Christopher Rhoads

Synthetic Bias Estimation in Small Area Estimation
Haoliang Song, 2007

Gatekeeping Procedures for Multiple Endpoints
Xin Wang, 2006

Improved Estimation of the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses with Applications to Adaptive Control of FDR and Drug Screening
Jiaxiao Shi, 2006

Generalized Lifetime Regression with Censoring
Zhiping Sun, 2005

Higher-Order Asymptotic Normality of Approximations to the Modified Signed Likelihood Ratio Statistic for Regular Models with Two Applications
Heping He, 2004

Identification limits in survival analysis with dependent loss to follow-up
Gary Harntsbarger, 2002

Mixtures-of-experts of generalized linear time series
Alexandre Xavier Ywata de Carvalho, 2002

An experimental response model for bivariate association
Hua Li, 2001

Higher-order inference in models for censored survival data
Shuguang Huang, 2001

Contributions to multiple endpoints and dose finding
Brent Logan, 2001

Model selection for unbiased estimating equations
Xiangyang Liu, 2000

Automatic Bandwidth Selection and Data-Driven Estimators in a Semiparametric Regression Model
Shengyan Hong, 1998

Bayesian Model Comparison: Computation of the Marginal Likelihood
Joan Z. Yu, 1998

Inference for Exponential Order Statistics Models
Jason A. Osborne, 1997

Measures of Association and Regression Models for Ordinal Variables
Yi-Lin Chiu, 1997

Estimation of Spectral Moments and the Classification of Spatial-Temporal Electrical Patterns during Ventricular Fibrillation
Jill R. Glassman, 1995

Nonlinear Partial Least Squares
Edward C. Malthouse, 1995

Extended Generalized Estimating Equations for Longitudinal Data
Daniel B. Hall, 1994

Exact Repeated Confidence Intervals for Binomial Parameters in Group Sequential Experiments
Paul Coe, 1993

Entropy-Based Prediction of Categorical Response Variables in Scanner Panel Data
Eric D. Nordmoe, 1993

Minimum Mean Square Error Estimation in Stratified Sampling 
Jiahe Qian, 1993