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For Current MS in Statistics Students

Please note, these web pages are for the MS in Statistics program students.

If you are an Ad Hoc MS in Applied Statistics program student please see for the information pertaining to your program.

The MS in Statistics program

The Department of Statistics and Data Science at Northwestern University offers a program leading to an M.S. in Statistics degree.

The mission of the M.S. in Statistics program is to provide students with comprehensive training in advanced statistical theory and methodology, exposure to cutting-edge research or collaborative experience to practical applications of statistics, and prepare students for careers as a professional statistician for industry, government, as well as for the non-profit sector. This program also prepares students for doctoral study in statistics or related fields.

The MS in Statistics Program offers two tracks:

Both tracks require a minimum of 4 quarters of residency (not including summer), while students on thesis track may need 5-6 quarters or longer to complete their degree. The degree for both tracks must be completed within two years (i.e., Fall of Year 1 to Summer of Year 2).


Department of Statistics Graduate Student Handbook 2022-2023


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