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Combined BA (or BS)/MS Degree Program

The combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program provides exceptionally strong, motivated Northwestern undergraduates with the opportunity to earn a BA or BS plus a MS degree in Statistics in a continuous 5 years.

The MS in Statistics degree offers comprehensive training in advanced statistical theory and methodology and provides students with exposure to cutting-edge research and collaborative experiences in practical applications of statistics. This program prepares students for careers as professional statisticians in industry, government, and the non-profit sector and for doctoral study in statistics and related fields.

In addition to completing the BA/BS requirements for their major, the added MS in Statistics requires students to complete a minimum of 12 units of course work (up to three courses can count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees).

The MS In Statistics curriculum includes 6 required courses and a minimum of 6 electives, ensuring a rigorous training in statistical theory and applications, while allowing for customization according to students’ interest in different fields, including theory, computing, data science, machine learning, and biostatistics. For the 6 electives, at least 2 must be 400-level STAT elective courses, and up to 3 can be chosen from other programs, with the approval of the MS Program Director.  Students may choose to take up to 4 additional units of course work.

Additionally, students may choose to complete an MS thesis by working with a thesis advisor to enhance their experience in research.

Although the student’s undergraduate training background is not required to be in statistics, applicants must have strong quantitative training to be qualified to enter this program.

Learn more about the combined degree program requirements and applying to the program.

More information about combined degrees can be found at The Graduate School’s Combined Degree webpage