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Noelle I Samia

Associate Professor of Statistics and Data Science

Ph.D., 2006, University of Iowa

Research Interests

Time-series analysis; Nonlinear time-series modeling with emphasis to threshold models; Statistical inference for infectious diseases and epidemiology; Statistical ecology; Statistical applications to biomedical research.

Research Statement

My research interests focus on introducing and developing new statistical linear and nonlinear (threshold) models. My work is both, theoretical and applied in nature. Through cross-disciplinary collaborations, these advanced and often new statistical methodologies are tailored to each specific application with the aim of explaining the dynamics of complex biological systems, particularly in the areas of infectious diseases and epidemiology, statistical ecology, and biomedical research.

Selected Publications

Samia, N.I., Kausrud, K.L., Heesterbeek, J.A.P., Ageyev, V.S., Begon, M., Chan, K.S. and Stenseth, N.C. (2011). Dynamics of the plague-wildlife-human system in Central Asia are controlled by two epidemiological thresholds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 108 (35), 14527–14532.

Note: Because of its merit, the paper was highlighted by the Editor of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA with a special introduction in ‘In this Issue.’

Samia, N.I., Friedman, K.D., Gottschall, J.L. and Raife, T.J. (2011). Hematocrit and C-reactive protein predict treatment response times in ADAMTS13-deficient thrombotic microangiopathy. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 26 (3), 138–145.

Samia, N.I. (2011). Invited discussion on the paper ‘Threshold Models in Time Series Analysis–30 Years On,’ by Professor Howell Tong. Statistics and Its Interface, 4, 131–132.

Samia, N.I. and Chan, K.S. (2011). Maximum likelihood estimation of a generalized threshold stochastic regression model. Biometrika, 98 (2), 433–448.

Erickson, Y.O., Samia, N.I., Bedell, B., Friedman, K.D., Atkinson, B.S. and Raife T.J. (2009). Elevated procalcitonin and C-reactive protein identify septic inflammation in a subpopulation of thrombotic microangiopathy patients with normal ADAMTS13 activity. Journal of Clinical Apheresis, 24, 150–154.

Samia, N.I., Chan, K.S. and Stenseth, N.C. (2007). A generalized threshold mixed model for analyzing nonnormal nonlinear time series; with application to plague in Kazakhstan. Biometrika, 94 (1), 101–118.

Stenseth, N.C., Samia, N.I., Viljugrein, H., Kausrud, K., Begon, M., Davis, S., Leirs, H., Dubyanskiy, V.M., Esper, J., Ageyev, V.S., Klassovskiy, N.L., Pole, S.B. and Chan, K.S. (2006). Plague dynamics are driven by climate variation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 103 (35), 13110–13115.