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Larry Hedges

Board of Trustees Professor of Statistics and Data Science and Education and Social Policy; Professor of Psychology; Professor of Medical Social Sciences; Co-Director of the STEPP Center; IPR Fellow

Ph.D., 1980, Stanford University

Research Interests

My research interests are in the development and application of statistical methods for the social, medical, and biological sciences. One major interest is the combination of results across studies to draw general conclusions (meta-analysis).  A related interest is in the statistical aspects of the replication crisis in science.  Another major area of research is the design and analysis of social experiments. I work on the development of statistical methods in both of these areas and their application to policy research, particularly education policy. I also work on the role of uncertainty in cognitive science, trying to understand how human cognition is shaped by the fact that it involves processing of information memory and perception that is inherently uncertain. Finally, I work on the demography of human abilities, including the understanding of differences between social groups and variation of abilities and measured achievement. Much of my work occurs in the STEPP-Center, which I co-direct with Beth Tipton.  My work is support by active grants from the National Science Foundation, the US Institute of Education Sciences, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the Spencer Foundation, and the Yidan Prize Foundation.

Selected Books

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