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Arend M Kuyper

Director Undergraduate Studies for Data Science; Associate Professor of Instruction

Ph.D., 2015, Northwestern University

Instruction & Teaching

My primary work is dedicated to developing and implementing methods, techniques, and strategies for teaching statistics, especially for introductory statistics and data science related courses. Current work includes updating the introductory statistics course to both include more statistical computing and introduce more data science topics. I have also been working on the development and design of the department’s data science courses. 

While each course has its own specific goals and objectives, I believe it is vital to design and structure the learning process in ways that will actively engage learners and foster critical thinking. I want students enrolled in my courses to gain both practical statistical skills and a deeper understanding of how and when to deploy statistical techniques. Practical skills can range from how to use statistical software to understanding and consuming statistics presented in their daily lives. Lastly, I hope my students gain a general appreciation for statistics and an understanding of how statistics impacts their daily lives.