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Master’s Program

Master’s in Statistics and Data Science Program

The mission of the M.S. in Statistics and Data Science program is to provide students with comprehensive training in advanced theory and methodology in statistics and data science, and exposure to cutting-edge research or collaborative experience to practical applications of statistics and data science. It prepares students for careers as a professional statistician or data scientist for industry, government, as well as for the non-profit sector. It also prepares students with rigorous training for doctoral study in statistics, data science or other related fields.


Why Choose Northwestern


The department is distinguished by the faculty's strong and diverse research interest in statistical theory, applications and recent frontier fields in data science. Most faculty have interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in other fields, including life sciences, computer sciences, social sciences and policy, medicine, and business, with about half have joint appointments in other Departments.

Rigor and Flexibility of the Curriculum and Program

The M.S. in Statistics and Data Science program fosters rigor in training while providing flexibility in curriculum and study duration. Students can tailor the elective curriculum to specialize in an area of their interest, whether aiming for professional career in industry or for advanced study. The program provides flexibility of study duration from a minimum of four quarters to two years such that students can fulfill their study goal according to their interest and pace including completing an optional thesis.



The Department of Statistics and Data Science is located on Northwestern University's 240-acre campus in Evanston, 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. Chicago and its metropolitan suburbs are famous for its welcoming cultural diversity that attracts visitors and immigrants from all over the world. Northwestern, a private university, is one of the nation's outstanding educational and research institutions. With its safe and quiet suburban setting and proximity to the scientific and cultural activities of Chicago, Northwestern is an excellent environment for the student and scholar.

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