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Data Science Minor for Statistics Majors

Students can major in Statistics and minor in Data Science.

Courses being used to fulfill the requirements for the Statistics major may not be used to fulfill the requirements for the Data Science minor.

Data Science Minor Requirements for Statistics Majors (6 units)

Statistics Major Requirements (minimum 8 units)

**Note: STAT 301-1, 301-2, 301-3, 302, and any 300 level electives being used for the Data Science minor cannot be used to fulfill credit requirements for the Statistics major.

Full list of major requirements and information can be found here

Expectations and coursework for Minor

Students will develop data acumen by learning how to ethically and effectively collect, process, explore, communicate, and make decisions with data and how to combine these components into an efficient data workflow.

The core courses (Data Science 1, 2, 3, and Data Visualization) are designed for students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to build an appropriate data workflow through project work. In each of these courses students will be expected to complete 1-2 weekly assignments and a final data project focused on a dataset they have sourced. Students should be prepared to dedicate approximately 7-12 hours per week outside of class to course work.

Declaring the Data Science Minor

Space in the Data Science Minor is limited and students are selected for to participate in a Data Science Minor Cohort by a lottery system. Selection for participation in a Minor in Data Science cohort is by lottery. Students are selected annually from a lottery to fill the available spots in the cohorts. Students not selected from the lottery are given the option to join wait lists for the cohort they were not selected for. Selection from the lottery is by random drawing.  Lottery drawings for the cohorts are held annually in spring quarter.

The cohorts that we will be holding lottery drawings for in Spring 2021 are: 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024

To enter the lottery, students must attend a required Minor in Data Science Information Session. To receive information about registering for one of the required sessions, students should add themselves to the Data Science Minor Lottery Notification List. Note: incoming first year students are not eligible to join the Data Science Minor Lottery Notification List until Fall quarter of their first year.

The Data Science Minor Lottery Notification List will close on March 31 and Minor in Data Science Information Sessions will be held in early April. Lottery drawings and advising for the students selected for the cohorts will begin in late April/early May.

Statistics majors whom have secured spots in the Data Science classes through the major's lottery who are interested in possibly declaring the Data Science minor should contact for more information.


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